Fall 2023 Wish List

I know I’m a little late to be posting a Fall wish list, but I just made this graphic the other day for my bullet journal and I wanted to post it here too. I feel like I have a major horse girl vibe going on here which is why I also included Elsie Silver’s Chestnut Springs series because it’s at the top of my TBR for November.  I’ve been in such a series binge reading mood lately and it all started with The Edens series by Devney Perry (which is set in Montana and has light horse girl vibes).  I’ve actually already purchased the majority of the items on this list with the exception of the Hill House Home cardigan which sold out before I was able to grab one.  I’m hoping they’ll make more!

1) KJP Woodland Knit Sweater – This is a preorder that shipped way quicker than it was supposed to! I’m excited to wear this for the rest of fall and at my sister in law’s parents cabin. I love all of the cute woodland animals and the color scheme.

2) KJP Golden Horseshoe Necklace – I really love this necklace! I already have a necklace that I wear every single day but I’m hoping to layer this one with it.  The horseshoe is so cute and I am 100% a gold girlie.

3) KJP Heritage Horse Sweater – I mean, how could I not? This is so cozy and cute!! I really need to get some cowboy boots soon.

4) JCrew Factory Poplin Shirt – I love the tree print on this classic white shirt. I’ve been mostly sticking to neutral colors in my wardrobe this year, but I couldn’t resist this print and I think it’ll look really cute underneath a sweater with some trees peeking out.

5) JCrew Factory Pom Beanie – I have a bunch of pom beanies but most of them are patterned so I really want to get a couple of neutral colored ones this season. This will also be great for winter!

6) JCrew Oversize Bow Hair Tie – Honestly this reminded me so much the American Girl doll Samantha and I just couldn’t resist.  I almost always wear my hair half up / half down to work so this is a fun accessory to add!

7) JCrew Brynn Blazer – I’ve been wanting a houndstooth blazer for a while and I finally grabbed one this year from JCrew. When I got it, it was on sale for 40% so I would suggest waiting for a sale before purchasing if you’re interested! They have sales that start almost every Friday.

8) Hill House Home Ren Cardigan – This is going to be a white whale piece for me.  I really hope HHH will knit some more of these but if not, I’ll be searching elsewhere for something similar.

9 & 10) KUT From the Kloth Skinny Corduroys – These are SO comfortable. I wore my cognac colored pair on a recent hike (with lots of uphill walking) and I was smitten.  So much so, that I ordered the wine color as well. I’m hoping I can get away with wearing these to work.

11) JCrew Cable-Knit Cardigan – And last but certainly not least, my all time favorite JCrew sweater in white.  I bought the camel and navy colored versions last winter but they had sold out of white before I went to purchase one.  I’m glad they brought it back and in more colors.  I like the green too, but I don’t think I’ll get as much wear out of it so I’m just admiring from afar for now!  

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