Black Friday Purchases

I did really well with my Black Friday purchases this year! I love everything I picked up, but I have to say, I’m THRILLED for all of these sales to end because some companies were emailing me more than five times per day and it was driving me mad.  I’m one of those people who doesn’t like to have any unread emails so it felt like a job to keep my inbox clear the past week! Let me know what your favorite purchase was!

1 Tory Burch Small Kira Moto Quilt Purse – This one already arrived and I love it even more in person than I did on the website! It’s actually more of a muted dusty rose in person and the hardware is a darker, brassier gold than it is in the photo.  I’m going to pair this with neutrals

2-3 AE Waffle Long Sleeve Henley – These are so beyond comfortable! I’m hoping they’ll keep me really warm in our freezing office on the days I’m working from home. I love a monochromatic outfit and I’m so excited to pair these with their corresponding waffle pants. year round!

4 Tuckernuck Maxwell Heart Pendant Necklace – I love the look of this chunky gold necklace and hearts always remind me of my mom so they’re by far my favorite shape for jewelry.  I’ve been wearing the same necklace for a year now so I’m excited to have more of a statement piece to wear every so often.

Tuckernuck Whistler Sweater Dress – I’ve been living in sweater dresses for the past few years and this style reminds me of that classic white New England fisherman sweater so I had to grab it! I love that it’s easy to dress up or down.

6-7 Aerie CozyUp Waffle Skater Pant – I love a good henley and I ordered a couple that I’ll wear both around the house casually (with the waffle pants which are the next item on my list), and with jeans for running errands or hanging out.

Tuckernuck Ainsley Sweater Dress – I already have this dress in white and I absolutely love it so buying the black was a given. I’ve been running warmer lately, so I also really love that it’s a crewneck instead of a turtleneck.

Tuckernuck Leather Leggings – I have these in brown, so again, pretty easy purchase! These fit well and are really comfortable. Leather leggings are also such a wardrobe staple in my opinion!

10 JCrew Cashmere Classic Crewneck Sweater – I really wanted to get JCrew’s classic cashmere sweater in heather walnut a couple of years ago but it sold out in my size before any of their sales.  Last year, I was expecting them to bring back the same color but when they didn’t I thought all hope was lost.  Thankfully it came back this year and I was able to get it on sale!

11 Tuckernuck Diana Blazer – I outgrew my oversized black blazer (I got it back in college at a sample sale! It was by Elizabeth and James and I still get sad that it doesn’t currently fit me) so I’m glad to finally be getting a replacement. I love the gold buttons on this one and look forward to pairing it with those black faux leather leggings!

12 Amazon Essentials Sherpa Jacket – I saw a couple of influencers recommend this jacket but I’m always so skeptical of Amazon fashion since it can be really hit or miss. I’m happy to report this jacket is beyond soft and it keeps me really warm! I love it so much and I’m glad I decided to take a chance on it. 

13 Boden Mini Collared Dress – I actually visited the Boden site with the intention of buying a different sweater dress (which I did actually grab but it’s navy and didn’t really fit the color scheme of my graphic!), but I came across this cute striped one and I really like it! It kind of reminds me of a 90’s dress and I’m excited to wear it!

14 Tuckernuck Gold Stud Mini Skirt – Love a good black skirt and this style with the gold studs is super cute. I think it’ll add a bit more to an otherwise classic New York outfit when paired with a black turtleneck.

15 JCrew Daphne Topcoat – I’ve always wanted one of these topcoats but as someone who is constantly freezing, it didn’t seem like a viable option for me.  But as I mentioned before, I’ve been running warmer lately (it’s actually since I started eating meat again so that’s been a really nice benefit) so I decided it was time to take a shot!

16, 19 Tuckernuck Arlo Ribbed Turtleneck – This is just your classic basic turtleneck. I love the feel of the material (I already have it in white, and white with a navy stripe) so I’m glad I was able to stock up while they were on sale. I’m really hoping they’ll bring back the chocolate color.  Tuckernuck is fantastic about bringing back the same styles each season which I love!

17 Amazon Elliptical – I really want to incorporate more exercise into my day so I was thinking that with an elliptical, I could be using it while I’m watching tv at night. I got it on a super sale and I still have to assemble it, but I’m thinking I’ll do so today!

18 Addison Bay Everyday Crewneck – This is my favorite go-to sweatshirt that I already own in a bunch of other colors.  I always look forward to Addison Bay sales so I can grab more of them! Influencer Grace Atwood calls them the rich aunt sweater and it’s just the perfect nickname for this style. She did a collab with AB and I also picked up the racing green colorway from her collection (but again, it didn’t fit the rest of the colors in my graphic!).

20 Amazon CRZ Yoga Leggings – And lastly, I go through black leggings like you wouldn’t believe. I basically wear black leggings every single day as soon as the weather cools down and I really wanted to find a cheaper alternative to Lululemon.  I think these may be the ones!

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  1. Heather says:

    You got so many amazing pieces! I’ve been eyeing those Aerie waffle pants, they look so comfy!

    -Heather | Nerdy By Nature Blog

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    Hope you are doing well!
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