December Purchases

I have to be honest and say that I kind of cheated when it comes to December purchases.  The majority of what I have to share here are things I picked up on super sale over the course of Black Friday / Cyber Monday (which truly felt like it lasted forever this year!). I kept saying I was done shopping and then another excellent deal would surface and I was too weak to pass any of them up.  I’ve barely bought anything in December as a result of everything below!  There were such a great deals this year so I decided to take full advantage.  Unfortunately it seems like a lot of other people had the same mindset because a lot of the things I bought are sold out!

1) Spanx Faux Leather Leggings – I’ve wanted these for as long as I can remember! I seriously have been looking at them for years and it’s pretty amazing that I haven’t caved in until now.  If you’re looking to order a pair, it’s worth noting that they run super small. I ordered my normal size but I ended up having to return them and order a size up. The new pair fits so much better!

2)  Margaux ‘The Demi’ Flat – This is one of those Black Friday purchases! Margaux was offering 20% off and after loving the pair I purchased in November, I knew I wanted to invest in another color while I could get a discount.  Now that I know my size, I’ll definitely be on the lookout for sales so I keep expanding my Margaux shoe wardrobe.

3) Tory Burch Kira Chevron Rose Print Shoulder Bag – My jaw actually dropped when I saw this unique floral bag while I was perusing the sale items during the Tory Burch holiday event.  Since this isn’t an item I would ever pay full price for, I was glad that the sale price plus extra 30% off made it easier for me to rationalize.  I can’t wait to use it in the spring with a white eyelet dress.

4) BaubleBar Pisa Pave Initial Bracelets – I think these are such a cute and simple way to add a personal touch to your accessories! I got two- an ‘A’ and a ‘K’ for Andrew and Kristin!  Sadly these are mostly sold out but you can join the wait list for some initials here.

 5) The Always Pan – I feel like I can’t go on a single website without seeing a rave review of the Always Pan.  The one that convinced me to take the plunge is my friend Rachel! I bought the pan for myself and as a Christmas present for my brother and his fiancé right before their Black Friday sale started so the next day when it went live, I reached out to customer service and they gave me a price adjustment.  I was so pleased with how nice and easy it was that I ended up ordering a third pan for my mom!

6) Caslon Celia Scuff Slippers – I’ve been looking everywhere for new slippers. I like these leopard Ugg ones as well, but it kills me to think about spending so much money on a pair of slippers.  One reason that I really love this Caslon pair is that they remind me of the Steve Madden ones I used to have in many colors as a teen!

7) Land’s End Fleece Tunic Pullover – I think I mentioned in my November Purchases post that I’m basically always cold.  It can be hard to find motivation to get things done at home when it would be so easy to work comfortably under blankets all day but this fleece tunic pullover helps get me out of bed in the morning!

8) JCrew Ribbed Ruffleneck T-Shirt – This is another Black Friday purchase that I couldn’t resist after I thought I had already finished shopping. But I got it on sale for $13! I ordered both black and white and I love how the ruffle detail completely elevates an otherwise basic long sleeve t-shirt.

9) Tory Burch Miller Stud Hinge Cuff – This cuff looks very similar to the Cartier love bracelet that I’ll never be able to afford! I’ve been wearing it every day since it arrived and it’s so cute. I’m so glad I was able to find a much cheaper alternative to the love bracelet.  Honestly, even if I could afford it, I would feel too irresponsible to spend so much on one item.

10) Tory Burch Minnie Ballet Flats – Tory Burch flats are my favorite flats. I usually get a pair or two around Black Friday / Cyber Monday every year since I’m all about those sale prices! Because I shopped during the Tory Burch holiday event, I was sent a $50 gift card and I felt obligated to use it… I went from having no pairs of navy flats to having two pairs of navy flats in the span of a month. I’m not mad about it.  The polka dot style is lovely!

11) JCrew Crewneck Sweater – When I find a style I like, I stick with it! I got this sweater in pale sand and cherry.  I love that the cherry is a good pop of festive color for the holiday season but I’ll definitely get more use out of the pale sand.  I want to get it in black too for when my office reopens but it looks like it’s selling out quickly! I really love the gold button detailing on the shoulders.

12) JCrew Cocoon Coat – There really was no reason for me to get a second coat this season, but 1) sale, and 2) I had a powder blue coat when I was younger and it was my absolute favorite coat.  Sadly it was always slightly too small but I wore it all of the time anyway.  The inside lining was a complete disaster by the time I finally let it go.  I still think of it fondly and when I saw this coat I was like OMG INSTA-BUY.

13) Tuckernuck Suede Shirt – I wasn’t too sure how I was going to feel about this shirt when it arrived or how it would fit but I decided to take a chance on it and I’m so glad I did! It’s really comfortable, flattering and runs true to size.

14) Hill House December in New York Candle – With a name like that, who could resist?! Not me! This candle arrived quickly and it’s packaged so beautifully! I couldn’t bring myself to open it for a while because I didn’t want to mess up the perfect bow, but thankfully I realized that it’s held on by elastic so I was able to preserve the box.

15) Tiny Tassel Bow Earrings –  I was influenced to buy these by Carly! I think the design is so pretty and every time I see her wearing them I love how they look. I ordered a pair on Black Friday and I have a couple of others on my wish list.  As a plus, Tiny Tassel is a Black owned business and if you’re looking to support a small business, this is one I highly recommend!

16) Abercrombie Long Sleeve Cozy Henley – I love the ‘cozy’ material from Abercrombie.  It’s one of the most comfortable fabrics and I would live in it if I could.  I picked up a bunch of cozy items last Winter, but I don’t have any henley’s (outside of a pajama set) so I grabbed this one during Black Friday.

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4 Responses to “December Purchases”

  1. Heather says:

    You got some amazing things, and that Tory Burch bag is gorgeous! I’m always freezing too, so I’m constantly on the hunt for cozy items.

    -Heather |Nerdy By Nature Blog

  2. Alexa S. says:

    Having been able to see your new J.Crew coat in person, I can 100% say that it is so perfect for you and definitely worth the purchase! I also love the look of that candle (the box is too cute) and the polka dot flats (I’m a sucker for polka dots). And I’ve had the Spanx leather leggings on a wishlist forever and I’m slightly tempted to cave and get them soon!

  3. I HAD THOSE STEVE MADDEN SLIPPERS AS A TEEN AND I LOVED THEM!!! They were so much fun in their neon colors, I think I still have an unopened pair somewhere that I was saving lol! That ice blue coat from JCrew is gorgeous and reminds me of a coat Blair wore once on Gossip Girl!

    • Kristin says:

      Right?! I definitely had them in neon pink and neon green! And they were such comfortable slippers! If they still made them, I would buy more! And ah thank you! Blair is my favorite so that’s like the highest compliment!!

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