Summer Bucket List

This bucket list is a complete 180 from my stay at home bucket list I created for the Winter season.  I took a little hiatus and never ended up posting a Spring list, but I’m excited to be back and talking about my birthday season.  Now that NYC is opening up, I have so many things I want to do outside, and so many people I want to see.  I’ve already completed a couple of things on my list (like swimming, making my Grandma’s German potato salad, and I watched the first episode of Mare of Easttown last night), but I still have a lot to look forward to planning!

As I mentioned, swimming is one of the things I’ve already completed (but wholeheartedly want to do again!).  Also noteworthy, is that this is the first time Andrew and I have ever been in a pool together in the 7+ years we’ve known each other.  Since I had such a snowy photo of Andrew and I in my Winter bucket list post, I wanted to use the polar opposite for this one.

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