5 Reasons I’m Excited to Read Vespertine by Margaret Rogerson

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Margaret Rogerson.  Her last book, Sorcery of Thorns, cemented her as an all time favorite author for me and I’ve been eagerly awaiting her new release Vespertine (which I now have an ARC copy of thanks to Simon Teen!).  Here are five reasons why I’m excited to dive in:

  1. Vespertine follows a girl named Artemisia who cleanses the bodies of the deceased so their souls can pass on… otherwise they’ll rise as spirits with a ravenous hunger for the living.  Disturbed undead souls? YES please.
  2. Margaret’s writing style is beautiful.  Both of her previous releases, An Enchantment of Ravens and Sorcery of Thorns have some of the most beautiful prose and I have no doubt that Vespertine will follow suit.
  3. It’s the first book in a series! This is the first time Margaret is publishing a book that isn’t a standalone and I’m so excited to 1) be guaranteed to get another book from her in the near future and 2) get to see what Margaret will do with even more time to craft a world and tell a story.  I personally prefer series to standalones and to have the prospect of more time guaranteed with future favorite characters is such a good feeling!
  4. The magic system sounds so interesting! When Artemisia’s convent is attacked by undead soldiers, she she awakens an ancient spirit bound to a saint’s relic.  It ends up being a malevolent spirit that constantly threatens to posses her and only a Vespertine is able to tame her… but the spirit is the only Vespertine so Artemisia has to rely on the revenant itself.
  5. Vespertine sounds like a much darker read than An Enchantment of Ravens or Sorcery of Thorns.  Since we’re heading into Autumn, aka spooky season, Vespertine could not be coming out at a more perfect time.  This is a book you’ll definitely want to add to your TBR!

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