12 to Read in 2023 Check In

I don’t want to jinx myself, but I think there’s a really good chance that this will be the first year I ever complete my 12 books to read in a year TBR.  I started the year really strong and knocked 6 books off of my list between January through March.  I didn’t get any of the rest read in March, April or May, however, I’m 50% of the way through my list which is exactly where I wanted to be around this time.  Here’s what I’ve read so far with some quick thoughts and what’s left on my list for the latter half of the year!

1) The Friend Zone by Abby Jimenez – READ! I loved this book minus one thing that happens toward the latter half of the book, but it still helped cement Abby Jimenez as a new favorite author for me.  REVIEW HERE.

2) The Hotel Nantucket by Elin Hilderbrand – This one is still on my list but I’ve been saving it for summer since it totally gives off that vibe!

3) Taste by Stanley Tucci – READ! I listened to this one on audio and it was a total delight! REVIEW TO COME.

4) Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin – My library loan lapsed on this one before I had a chance to read it so I have it on hold yet again.  I’m really hoping it’ll come in soon!

5) Anna: The Biography by Amy O’Dell – Still really looking forward to picking this one up on audio in the near future!

6) Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus – READ! I haven’t written a full review yet, but I really enjoyed this one! Not a new favorite and I do think it’s a bit overhyped, but overall, a really fun read. REVIEW TO COME.

7) The Secret History by Donna Tartt – Definitely saving this one for August/September.  It seems like the perfect back to school season read!

8) One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle – READ! Sadly this one was a miss for me.  I tend to really enjoy the settings of Rebecca Serle’s books and I find them to be very readable, however, I always hate her characters and the choices they make.  REVIEW HERE.

9) Finlay Donovan Knocks ‘Em Dead by Elle Cosimano – READ! I have such a strong love for this series. I’m so glad we’ll be getting more books. REVIEW HERE.

10) Blue Dahlia by Nora Roberts – I *almost* picked this one up recently but then opted for a thriller instead.  It’s going to happen soon though, I can feel it!

11) Counterfeit by Kirstin Chen – READ! This was a super quick and entertaining read, but it was one I didn’t love. REVIEW HERE.

12) Beartown by Fredrik Backman – Not yet! I know this one is going to be a tough read and I’ll have to be in a really specific mood for it.

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