April & May Wrap Up | 2022

I’m going to be combining my April and May wrap up posts into one since I didn’t end up reading a ton with all of the packing, moving, house hunting and traveling. I read a total of 6 books in April (and I still haven’t finished Oathbringer or Heir of Fire, though I’ve made a ton of progress this week on the latter) and a total of 7 books in May. I’m already off to a better start in June, but I’ll be traveling again soon so we’ll see how it goes!

Books read: 13  |  New Books: 13  |  Rereads: 0  |  DNFs: 0

Pages Read: 4,795  |  Series Continued: 2  |  Series Started: 1

Still Reading: 3

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  1. I love all the bookish photos you take in NYC, they are so pretty.

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