March Wrap Up | 2022

Thank goodness I read so much in January and February because March has been my worst reading month of the year so far (and quite possibly of last year!).  I only read a total of five books and I read about 500 pages of Oathrbinger which I’m going to pick back up when Andrew and I are more settled since my brain is not focusing at the moment.  I completed two re-reads, had a major disappointment for one of my most anticipated releases and enjoyed the other two new to me books.  This is a short one this month!

Books read: 5  |  New Books: 3  |  Rereads: 2  |  DNFs: 0

Pages Read: 2,399  |  Series Continued: 3  |  Series Started: 1

Still Reading: 4

1. March TBR

2. The Bright Side Vol. 4

3. March Book Releases

4. February Wrap Up

5. February Book Haul

6. The Bright Side Vol. 5

7. The Bright Side Vol. 6

8. 2022 Ice Cream #4-#6

9. The Bright Side Vol. 7

10. April Book Releases

11. April TBR

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